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Risk Insights: Property Management – Winter Weather Liabilities

December 21, 2014

The winter months bring more than just cold weather and shorter days; they bring the possibility for winter storms that may result in a snow- and ice-covered landscape. While it may be a winter wonderland for some, as a property manager, snow and ice buildup means a hazard with the potential for costly liability. Continue reading

Holiday Fire Safety Tips

December 16, 2014

But before the season gets underway Linda Cook, Personal Insurance Director at ECBM, thinks you should take a moment to think about fire safety in our homes. Continue reading

Fun & Games- Tips to consider when purchasing toys for children

December 9, 2014

While there are many considerations for selecting a toy this holiday season- whether it is the right character, color, if batteries are included, if they already have this one, and if this is the best available price- be sure to start your search with safety in mind. Continue reading

Risk Insights- Ebola: What Employers Need to Know

November 18, 2014

Workers who interact with people, animals, goods and equipment arriving from foreign countries with current Ebola outbreaks are the most at risk for contracting Ebola. Continue reading