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Tailored coverage

Our insurance expert has over 30 years experience working with control systems automators to locate and tailor policies specifically for their businesses.

Program Information

Most insurance carriers have no idea what a system integrator or automation professional does. They confuse the exposures of your clients with yours. So, they believe you drill for oil, coat pills and built aircraft ! Most often you end up with inadequate coverage that costs more than it should.  At CSInsurance we understand the industry and what you do.  Our insurance programs are designed:

FIRST – to provide the coverage you need

SECOND – to charge the right rate for the insurance you purchase.


  • Combined Professional and General Liability Form Included
  • Cyber Liability Included
  • Environmental Liability Included
  • Breach of Contract Coverage Included
  • Global Defense Coverage – Included
  • It doesn’t end there.  Contact us and we’ll explain all of the benefits of CSInsurance Programs
  • In addition to the Professional and general Liability program specifically designed for Automation Professionals, CSInsurance can provide the other insurance programs you may need.
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Automobile
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Property and business Income
  • Installation Coverage
  • Employee dishonesty