The Food Safety and Modernization Act of 2011 was passed to protect foods from farm to table by keeping them safe from contamination during transportation. Recently, these rules were amended to include any business that is any way involved in the supply chain of food for humans, the animal feed supply, and beverages. These rule changes can have serious consequences and carry heavy financial burdens. Here's what you need to know:
  • Changes in the law allow the government to put a hold on a load if it believes it to be adulturated.
  • Anyone in possession of a load suspected of contamination (regardless of how it was handled) can be found personally liable for the load or can even face jail time.
  • There is only one insurance policy on the market that will cover losses in the event a load has to be destroyed if the government suspects it to be contaminated- ECBM is one of the only brokers in the country that has been granted access to it.
  • This law now affects everyone in the supply chain- freight brokers, logistics providers, freight forwarders, warehouse operators, carriers for hier, bailees, shippers & owners, processors, manufacturers, distributors, and installation & rigging contractors.