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Employee Benefits

Upgrade your employee benefits while lowering your cost of benefits per employee.

Employee Benefits are crucial in making sure your people are taken care of. They can also take up a large portion of your company’s budget. ECBM’s Benefits team specializes in eliminating unnecessary fees from your benefits budget while always prioritizing high-quality comprehensive employee health insurance plans.

As a trusted business insurance broker, ECBM has established relationships with all major medical and ancillary employee benefits providers.


We can provide solutions for your fully insured and self-funded health benefits programs. ECBM also offers medical captive and GAP coverage solutions. Our experts can assist with short-term needs as well as create a multi-year solution to align your employee benefits program to your business strategy and philosophy.

Personalized Employee Healthcare Insurance Coverage

ECBM will review your current employee benefits program and make customized coverage recommendations based on company budget and staff needs

  • fully-insured-programs


    We can tailor your fully-insured employee healthcare plan to meet the needs of your company and employees.

  • self-funded-programs


    ECBM has Self-Funded programs designed to offer the best third-party administrator, Stop Loss, and other plan services to meet the unique needs of your company.

  • captive-solutions


    ECBM has partnered with a medical captive and industry leader in the medical captive market. We look to the long-term solutions offered in a medical captive to lower the cost of employee insurance over time.

  • gap-solutions-1


    ECBM has partnered with GAP carriers to offer employer and employee solutions to help cover the deductible for most medical plans.

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