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Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Your Expert in Private Equity, Private Ownership, and REITs.

Commercial Real Estate Insurance Programs are not all structured the same way. Private ownership, REIT's, and private equity all have unique needs. Residential portfolios have different challenges than office complexes, and firms with development arms are even more exposed. At ECBM, we have the knowledge and experience to develop risk management and real estate insurance programs for all of these needs.


Whether it's working with models on catastrophe insurance placement, or monitoring a certificate of insurance program, we ask the questions necessary to protect our clients' assets.

Residential Real Estate Portfolio Insurance

Our residential real estate insurance experts will design a plan that protects you and your assets as a property investor. We will work directly with you to create a coverage plan that suits your portfolio size, property types, locations, and risk tolerance.


Property investing can be full of unforeseen risks, but your residential real estate insurance coverage shouldn’t be. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with expert comprehensive coverage.

Private Equity Real Estate Insurance Packages

We understand large real estate portfolios and the challenges that arise from risk management of so many properties in different states, climates, and hazardous weather.


We can create a plan that ensures each of your properties has coverage that’s appropriate for their location and potential environmental hazards.

The ECBM Process

1. Schedule a Consultation. Our initial call will allow us to gather the necessary information to tailor a unique insurance plan for your real estate portfolio.

2. Receive Your Quote in 3 Business Days. Our experts will create your real estate insurance coverage plan.

3. Sign and Enjoy the Benefits! Once your insurance plan is activated we’ll establish dedicated lines of communication to ensure ongoing support.

Get Guidance You Can Trust

Meet with our team to review your coverage, get insight into potential gaps and exposures, and uncover opportunities for savings.