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At ECBM, we strive to become an extension of your internal risk management efforts. We maintain a steadfast commitment to assisting you in protecting your assets. Above all, we advocate to achieve the best possible outcome for everyone.

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Anticipate The Client's Needs 

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What I value most is ECBM's ability to focus not only on insurance marketing, renewals and premiums, but also claims and cost management. The proactive approach in these areas has yielded immediate and substantial dividends to us, both in safety improvements and premium savings. We have refined and redefined many of our processes based on ECBM's recommendations and have been more than satisfied with the results.

-Vice President, Transportation Client

Claims Services That Clients Deserve


ECBM will review your current internal claim procedures in order to develop or enhance an appropriate claim reporting and claim monitoring process. We will review and/or design internal claim reporting procedures to streamline your claim-reporting process and capture the crucial, initial claim data needed to report claims to your insurance carrier. If applicable, ECBM will also review and/or design Special Claims Handling Instructions with your insurance carriers to ensure appropriate carrier claim communication regarding reserves, settlements, and coverage issues.


ECBM will evaluate your loss history and structure an appropriate claim review process based upon that loss history. In order to provide proactive communication with you regarding the impact of the losses on your insurance program, we personally evaluate each loss history report.


Whether its identifying expenses in your program structure or assisting you in managing settlements, we help you to reduce the total claims expenses and to reduce your overall insurance costs.


Our claims consultants take a personal approach to every property and inland marine claim. At ECBM, we negotiate the process and make sure that your loss is resolved to it’s maximum benefit to you. Liability claims are managed to mitigate the ultimate cost to you and to transfer risk wherever possible.

Claims Case Study

Business Type:    
Claim Closure Savings:    
Medical Network Repricing Savings:   
Medical Bill Auditing Savings:    
Collateral Negotiation Savings:    

Total Savings:    
$3 Billion+ In Sales 
$3,000,000/ year
$1,000,000/ year
5% reduction in legal fees
$3,000,000/ year

$4,100,000/ year


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