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The unique challenges facing distributors and retailers require a certain level of expertise in insurance and risk management. ECBM is your answer.  With more than 40 years experience leading clients in distributor insurance, ECBM can see what other insurance brokers miss.

Professionals Dedicated To Excellence

Stop Financial Leakage 

Through strategic partners, we can connect clients to loss prevention and reduction tools that eliminate or decrease loss potential.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

We have developed a sophisticated team of experts in Workers’ Compensation, General Liability, and Property claims management.

You Deserve A Customized Insurance Program

We base these decisions on your corporate culture, appetite for risk, cash flow, and financial needs.

An Independent Consultant

 ECBM can also provide extensive independent consulting for a variety of other risk management needs.

͞These clients are benefitting from innovations developed here by our creative and highly motivated staff. We developed and implemented a customized claims management strategy that is saving companies millions of dollars.͟
-ECBM President, Charlie Bernier

A Proud Member Of 

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Our 5-Step Consulting Process


Strategic advice about your organization's key business strategies including goals and setting benchmarks.


We develop a program that will protect your assets, reduce your exposures, and deliver cost savings.


We create a unique sales pitch for each client that has been shown to attract the best carriers.


Our internal, independent quality management team monitors for quality assurance.


Using the established benchmarks, we revisit your goals and objectives to gauge if your coverage needs modification as necessary.

Experience Makes All The Difference 

ECBM’s consulting model is an integrated and customized approach that goes beyond what others practice. We create value in your business, protect your assets, ensure your company is empowered to seize new opportunities, and increase your profitability.

By selecting ECBM for your distributor insurance needs, you are hiring a dedicated, passionate, and professional staff with expertise and proven talent in managing distributor risk. Ultimately, our success is based on our clients' successes. Together, we will empower your business.

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